LIZA KAIN is a luxury Womenswear brand that honors the couture traditions with a modern sensibility appreciating the femininity of the contemporary women. The hallmarks of the brand are creative and innovative approach to pattern cutting and textile creation. LIZA KAIN provides one with the opportunity to get involved in the process of making and designing. Using 3D software the visualizations of ones garments will come to life before the making is started. Tailored textile, embroideries and embellishments design is provided to fit ones wishes using latest technologies.

Graduate Collection

LIZA KAIN’s graduate collection ‘Perennial Fable’ is a recreation of the image defined by surreal beauty as a mythical figure hidden behind layers of illusive fabric. We are left to wonder what is beneath all of this beauty, thus furthering the complexity of the women.

The process of her journey is depicted by a blooming flower and followed by the dramatic effect of decaying. Intense textile methods, intrusive embellishments, loose threads and complex constructions intertwine and reflect on the hidden layers of timeless femininity.


After graduating London College of Fashion, Liza Kain is looking to expand her graduate collection by establishing a luxury womenswear brand.

Whilst furthering her education at London College of Fashion, Liza was admitted as a first prize student at the international competition at Donghua University Shanghai where she grew appreciation for craftsmanship.

The foundation of the brand aesthetics is built upon the graduate collection which was published in Vogue Italia,

L’ Affaire Magazine, Whytt Magazine, Sicky Magazine, Kaltblut, Lucy Magazine,  Sacre Blue , Bg Magazine, Sabra Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Beau Nu magazine, The Bare Minimum Magazine, International Excellence Luxury Magazine etc. Among the celebrities who wore her garments are the singers The Bloom Twins and Ivy Mae, fashion blogger Tommy Tomova and Adriana Panova,  TV host Monikah Lee.



Tel: +359876424032  

Email: info@lizakain.com

Adress: ul. Solunska 36

Sofia, Bulgaria